Welcome to the Madrid family Firm Association webpage and thank you for visiting us. We hope you will get useful information. Madrid Family Firm Association (AMEF in its Spanish acronym) is an independent non-profit organization that groups leading family companies from Madrid. All its members are Chairmen CEOs or members of the board of directors of the companies they own. The AMEF was established in 2001 under the law governing professional and trade associations. It is a legal and independent entity with its own assets, in order to cover the administrative and operating costs of the association, its members pay annual fees. We do not accept any public or private subvention or sponsor.

Through its activities, emphasizes the importance of family-run businesses as wealth and employment generators in Madrid and in Spain.

Our goals are:

  • help the family businessmen respond to the challenges that arise in management through private events, seminars and conferences, with the best experts in the world
  • transmit the economic and social importance of family businesses to public opinion and the importance of the entrepreneur
  • stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of new generations
  • improvement of the legal and taxation framework for family businesses in Madrid in a transparent manner. Specially we promote to abolish the wealth and the inheritance/gift tax for everybody in Madrid, as injust and unfair taxes.
  • spreads knowledge and information concerning family businesses

Success factors of the Family Business:

  • Quality of its products and services
  • Flexibility
  • Long term planning
  • Being innovative and enterprising
  • Good understanding within the family
  • Social responsibility

Strategic Challenges for the Family Business:

  • Innovation
  • Professionalization
  • Appropriate size
  • Internationalization

A company, of any size, is a family business, if:

  • The majority of votes is in possession of the natural person(s) who established the firm, normally a couple, or he/she or both are in possession of the natural person(s) who has/have acquired the share capital of the firm, or in the possession of their spouses, parents, child or childrens direct heirs
  • The majority of votes may be indirect or direct
  • At least one representative of the family or kin is involved in the management or administration of the firm
  • Listed companies meet the definition of family enterprise if the person who established or acquired the firm (share capital) or their families or descendants possess 25 per cent of the right to vote mandated by their share capital. Sometimes this companies where families does not hold the voting majority but through its ownership can exert conclusive influence.